A versatile tool reducing the time required to create PowerPoint presentations.

What is PreMa?

PreMa simplifies a process on which many businesses spend a significant amount of time – PowerPoint presentations. Many firms are required to regularly update presentations for their sales pitches, their financial updates, etc. Many presentations are based on a recurring template aligned with a corporate identity and a corporate design. Manual changes to pre-existing templates frequently lead to errors and inconsistencies. PreMa has the mission to avoid these errors and hired Vasterra to clarify the initial vision and create a proof-of-concept. Further, Vasterra created the final platform from scratch and planned the market launch.

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Simplifying slide decks

The founder of PreMa came with a vision to Vasterra and desired to validate the business opportunity. While the idea was at an advanced stage, the technical possibilities and limitations were not yet considered by the client. Therefore, Vasterra started a discovery phase together with the client to evaluate the various approaches and options available. With our help, PreMa finalized its business strategy and was made ready for launch.

Large amounts of data

One of the major challenges was the large files required to be handled by the platform. In business environments, slide decks can easily be a few hundred megabytes large. Without a fast platform, people will not use the service due to long waiting times.


Vasterra implemented a platform architecture facilitating speed. We created an algorithm parsing and saving the uploaded files into a local database. This step ensured that every manipulation of the presentation in the future will be as quick as possible.







HTML to success

Vasterra recognized the opportunity of simplifying the forthcoming creation of new templates by the users and created an intuitive, custom-made template language. Through this template-specific set of html commands, any user can create a new template from scratch within minutes. Moreover, using html to create presentations enables a simple yet versatile approach to efficiency and speed. Vasterra incorporated the challenge of large files and built a truly lightweight solution.

Simplicity across the platform

Many platforms offering PowerPoint creation already exist. However, their major shortcoming is simplicity and speed. By transforming traditional PowerPoint files into html and combining this transformation with a custom-made html template language, updating any presentation becomes more efficient and less error prone. Moreover, new templates are quickly made and existing content transferred into the new design without any delays. Our solution streamlines the user experience entirely and uses efficiencies in the best possible way.

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