A one-stop financial app combining all your assets into one single, intuitive application.

What is FinGo?

FinGo is a one-of-a-kind mobile application which allows users to connect all of their financial accounts into one sophisticated application. This allows users to manage their wealth as easily as possible while upholding the highest security standards. Acknowledging the importance of cyber security, FinGo hired Vasterra to create their application.

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Simplicity at its best

The founders of FinGo set out to simplify the financial industry with a user-centric all-in-one application which aims at disrupting the industry. Vasterra was hired as we are renowned for sophisticated yet minimalistic applications which run smoothly across all devices. For FinGo, our developers created a novel application structure which enforces security by design to ensure the highest security standards.

Cyber security by design

Everything concerned with online banking, financial investments and savings requires a high level of security to build trust with customers. Vasterra understood that building trust with users for them to integrate all their financial accounts into FinGo will need not only time but also a novel application structure.

Our developers set out to map the functionality of the app while researching how to design a system which enforces cyber security by design. Eventually, Vasterra has developed an architecture which allows FinGo to scale quickly while upholding the safety at the highest possible level.

Manage everything from one app

The challenge was not only the required security levels but also the actual integration of various online banking and online investment platforms. Gaining access to the data of banks required a high degree of collaboration between FinGo, Vasterra and the concerned institutions to uphold on all sides the security.

In the end, our developers created the necessary interfaces to integrate data through data pushes into FinGo to offer sophisticated functionality. Moreover, users of FinGo can now pay invoices and invest money directly from the app – without switching back and forth.

Advanced fraud detection

To provide an extra layer of security, Vasterra’s developers integrated an advanced fraud detection algorithm which blocks accounts immediately if malicious behaviours are detected. This allows FinGo to offer the highest possible level of protection to its users. Ultimately, our algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, which means that with every usage of the application, the user becomes better protected as the system continually learns.






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An application ready to be launched

FinGo envisioned the disruption of the online finance service industry and chose Vasterra to create the application able to accomplish their mission. Vasterra built a state-of-the-art application which enforced cyber security by design and added multiple layers of additional security features to ensure the greatest possible user experience.

On top of that, the functionality of the platform allows the integration of dozens of third-party services fostering FinGo to become a truly one-stop application for all financial endeavors. Get in touch with us if you have your own application vision but unsure how to meet high security requirements.

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