A one-of-a-kind online education platform with multilingualism in mind.

What is EdU?

EdU is a novel online and self-service education platform which fosters search engine optimization and responsiveness by design. The team behind EdU desires to challenge the current market leaders by offering comprehensive individualization of the available education programs to its users. With user-centricity in mind, EdU set off to disrupt the education industry and to establish new standards. Vasterra had been hired to develop the ambitious platform as well as to accelerate EdU’s market launch.

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Integrating existing platforms

EdU aims at combining the existing platforms into one comprehensive one-stop education platform. While they offer unique EdU content, they further offer content from other education platforms through their integration. This creates novel user experience as there is no need anymore to search through various websites to find the courses best suited for one’s interest.

Moreover, EdU allows a more granular individualization which fosters an unparalleled user experience. EdU partnered with Vasterra as we have extensive experience in user journey mapping, creating high-efficiency platforms and agile project management.

Vasterra offered an interdisciplinary team consisting of marketing, devops, project management and further experts to transform our client’s vision into a disruptive solution.

Data analysis as path to success

Vasterra has extensive experiences when it comes to integrated data analytics. For EdU, we had mapped the entire user journeys. Knowing which ways the users take, we were able to empower EdU to implement enhanced analytics-driven strategic decision making capabilities. With collecting all data and preparing insights on the go, our solution provides a sophisticated tool that fosters industry disruption.

A vast range of required functionalities

EdU set off to disrupt its industry, which is why they partnered up with Vasterra. At the beginning, our developers held several workshops to capture the entire vision and mission of the founding team to ensure that the entire functionality will be available in the platform.

This was a crucial part of the project as it allowed our developers to design a system from scratch with the greatest possible efficiency. Adding features later on may be possible but is usually costly.

Multilingualism - to launch globally

Vasterra created a platform architecture which is by its very design centered around multiple languages and the intuitive translation of the entire content. Besides providing a multilingual website, Vasterra created an admin panel which allows EdU to pivot into a new market with minimal backend efforts.

Recommending relevant content

A custom recommendation tool is essential in today’s online world. With offering thousands of classes, the EdU platform may feel overwhelming to its users. That is why Vasterra implemented a sophisticated content recommendation algorithm which proposes content based on all platform users' behaviour to increase the overall user experience.

Third party integrations as cornerstone

To offer the greatest possible functionality, Vasterra integrated various third-party services such as user identification and payment gateways. Moreover, acknowledging the importance of marketing, we created a platform which fosters marketing campaigns and informs EdU about a campaign’s success. More precisely, our developers integrated third-party marketing analytics to offer advanced A/B testing and seamless integration of online marketing tools.

A platform ready to conquer new markets

EdU approached Vasterra with a challenging vision of disrupting the online education industry. Ultimately, we delivered a platform which goes beyond our customers' expectations by providing a product with an intuitive backend, enhanced analytics power and multilingual capabilities.






User rating

EdU has asked us to remain in charge for their ongoing support and development processes, which shows how Vasterra strives for customer-centricity.

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