A healthcare service that makes requesting a physician to one’s home easier than ordering an uber.

What is DocNow?

DocNow offers a doctor sharing healthcare service analog to a ride sharing service. The DocNow team found that the outcall of physicians is inefficient on several levels. First, the physician’s time is not used efficiently. Second, patients pay more than necessary and third, other patients may not get the chance of receiving a home visit even though it may be required. Therefore, DocNow hired Vasterra to create an application which solved all these inefficiencies by creating one intuitive platform.

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Sharing a physician

DocNow offers two main services, namely, house visits and online video appointments. For both appointment types, the application serves as a gateway to book the appointments. Vasterra was hired as we are experienced in fulfilling highest security requirements and have extensive user experience expertise.

Estimating the required treatment time

As DocNow is a novel healthcare provider, the challenge was to estimate the average consultation time required. For outbound appointments, our developers had to additionally integrate driving time estimations to allow for sufficient time between two appointments.

To solve these challenges, Vasterra integrated machine learning algorithms which will learn and adapt the scheduling process with every single appointment served by DocNow.

That way, as more mature the company becomes, as more accurate and sophisticated the algorithms will be. This allows DocNow to use synergies and reduce the unproductive times of their physicians.

Simplifying tasks while ensuring privacy

DocNow offers more than appointment scheduling. It stores all medical records of a patient safely and encrypted to ensure highest privacy rights. Only a physician can access the file while treating a patient. Moreover, as health insurances are integrated, the payment process for a user’s treatment is automated once the invoice was confirmed. Ultimately, Vasterra created an application which fosters process automation and frees physicians up from administrative tasks.

Creating an intuitive healthcare environment

Vasterra created an application which lowers barriers for accessing quality healthcare services. We had been chosen due to our large expertise in creating platforms containing sensible data with advanced security features. Vasterra integrated user experiences which streamlined the entire process of accessing one’s own files, booking an appointment, and paying the medical bills. DocNow is now ready to launch its platform and disrupt the healthcare industry.






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To uphold their security, DocNow has commissioned Vasterra to be their digital partner and maintain as well as upgrade the application continually. If you are desiring a platform containing sensible user data, get in touch with us and we’ll explain our security expertise in more detail.

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