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Streaming web application for artists and music lovers

The web app that makes selling and purchasing high-quality music tracks and sound effects seamless

The web app that makes selling and purchasing high-quality music tracks and sound effects seamless

After working in the music industry for years, our client realized how difficult it is to distribute and promote music products and to connect artists with their audiences as well as potential producers. Talent is not enough to succeed in today’s world.

No matter how complicated it is for artists and producers to succeed, there are opportunities offering them innovative revenue streams. High-quality, unique music tracks are more in-demand than ever. They are used in YouTube and TikTok videos, in Instagram posts and on other social media platforms as well as in contemporary films, podcasts, games and TV shows.

Based on the latest trends and a deep understanding of the industry, our client decided to launch a new music platform and came to Vasterra to turn his knowledge and vision into a UI/UX-centric product.

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Creating a platform to revolutionize the music industry

The aim of the project was to develop a web application, which offers customers the opportunity to easily listen, buy and download licensed audio products of various genres and countless artists. For the web app to be successful, the user interface must facilitate intuitive navigation and live up to the highest user expectations.

The audience of The ToneTune

  • Users who require to buy royalty free music tracks of perfect quality for their projects
  • Music lovers who enjoy discovering new artists
  • Artists and producers who want to sell their music content through the app

Access untapped market opportunities

At first, our client wanted to create a stock music library where users pay for a subscription instead of buying a music license to access the tracks. While working with Vasterra on requirements clarification, the client decided to create a more complex and sophisticated music service compared to immediate competitors. The platform now includes music licensing, music downloads, a music player, and further functionality.

Composers, singers or their managers will upload tracks and sell them seamlessly on the platform. Users have the opportunity to buy a subscription and to download a certain number of tracks per day or to pay for downloading single tracks only.

Users of The ToneTune receive access to:

  • over 1000 tracks in the library
  • royalty-free music
  • hundreds of new music tracks added weekly
  • over 100 genres
  • intuitive search engine and powerful filter section
  • hand-picked playlists
  • quality artist music — no stock music

We guided our client through the initial discovery phase to define the minimum requirements, elaborate on the UX and ultimately prepare the intuitive UI the users demand. Once we’ve got all the information and understood the vision, Vasterra started to develop the MVP.

Planning for a high load solutions

One of the main client requirements was fault tolerance and a high loading speed of the web app. With server power in mind, Vasterra opted for the Amazon S3 to host the music content due to its secure, quick and reliable cloud storage. Apart from that, we designed a two-stage deployment system for continuous integration and data backup.

To provide a high performing platform, we focused on:

  1. CDN technology to load the web app from the datacenter nearest to the end user thus minimizing the delays in loading the content.
  2. Optimizing database queries.
  3. Optimizing the load speed of images in different website sections.
  4. Lightweight code for a faster page load.

For seamless user experience, both the admin panel and the user interface were built as a single page application (SPA) that ensures quick loading time of web pages, easy addition of new features and less bandwidth usage.

The admin panel interface with increased attention to UX

Usually, business owners choose simplistic Bootstrap-based admin panel interfaces to get basic functionality in order to keep the development costs low.

However, one of the platform’s distinguishing features is that admins are full-fledged users too. As such, they require a clear and convenient user experience as well as a comprehensive user interface. Standard solutions and boilerplate templates didn’t fit our client’s expectations, so we created a truly custom admin panel with a unique UI kit.

The scope of the project and its complexity

The web app is constantly being enriched with new features and thus making the project truly agile. So it is of utmost importance for our team to adhere to cutting-edge programming practices to keep the code base well-structured and organized as well as to use creative status reports. This allows us to keep our client in the picture in regard to the development plans and project budget. Vasterra’s project management helped to keep the client continually in the loop and integrated his opinion in a proactive manner along the timeline.

We appreciate that the client has entrusted us with the entire development cycle — from the preparation of documentation to design, product development, testing and technical support.

A platform made with users in mind

The size of the music web platform was a challenge that we couldn’t have handled without the right approach to project management and superior coding practices. Vasterra created and implemented a customized platform enabling our customers to deliver the best possible service to their users. Developing disruptive innovation is not an easy task but when combining a client’s passion with our deep development experience, everything becomes possible.




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